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MacOS X OpenGL driver status

MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was released earlier today and with it the hope for updated OpenGL. Currently the OpenGL Capability Table isn’t updated for 10.8 (or even 10.7.4) yet but there haven’t been much improvements anyway:

So how about bugfixes? Below is the list of bugs known to me and for which I have code to test them. For each GPU vendor I write down if the bug was confirmed (NV/AMD/Intel), is unconfirmed/not tested yet (?) or is gone/was never present (-).

The first bug in the list might have been fixed as the Intel I used to test it with is a HD 4000 and Macs with that chip came out after 10.7.4 so I assume they had more recent drivers than the other 10.7.4 installs. If anyone has a Mac with 10.8 you can test the bugs with the examples I linked in my last article and send me the results for the other GPUs and I will update the list.

Bug 10.7.4 10.8.0 / 10.8.1
Wrong values from uniform structs (#10518401) NV / AMD / – ? / ? / –
Wrong names for uniforms in uniform blocks (#11335828) NV / AMD / Intel ? / ? / Intel
Rendering to an FBO without fragment data location 0 is not possible (#11826727) NV / AMD / Intel ? / ? / Intel
Uniform block layout qualifier ‘packed’ results in GLSL compile errors (#11884110) NV / AMD / Intel ? / ? / Intel
Default layouts of Uniform Blocks can’t be changed at global scope (#11884641) NV / AMD / Intel ? / ? / Intel

So, not much improvements yet and still no OpenGL 4 on MacOS X Mountain Lion…

Update: 10.8.1 seems to have the same driver versions as 10.8.0

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