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MacOS X OpenGL driver status (10.8.3)

Apples latest software patch for MacOS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion, 10.8.3) fixed some issues related to OpenGL.

To recap, my currently known bugs and issues are these:

  • Wrong values from uniform structs (bug id #10518401) – Fixed
  • Wrong names for uniforms in uniform blocks (bug id #11335828) – Still exists (this bug was reported in april 2012)
  • Rendering to an FBO without fragment data location 0 is not possible (bug id #11826727) – Still exists (this bug was reported in july 2012)
  • Uniform block layout qualifier ‘packed’ results in GLSL compile errors (bug id #11884110) – Fixed
  • Default layouts of Uniform Blocks can’t be changed at global scope (bug id #11884641) – Fixed
  • GLSL noperspective varying interpolation doesn’t work on Intel HD4000 (bug id #12728578) – Fixed
  • If a scissor test is active with a larger region than the glViewport and the later is smaller than the framebuffer, the rasterization is not clipped at the viewport. (at least on HD4000). Bugs #12949605 & #13287825 – Still exists
  • After a conditional rendering which was not performed (due to no passed samples) subsequent glClear calls will not get executed until the next draw call was issued. (at least on HD4000). Bug #12949224Still exists
  • Highest OpenGL version available is 3.2 (not a bug, but filed as bugs as (at least) bug id #8225498 and #8233475). – no changes here

In addition to that, MacOS X 10.8.3 adds a few new extensions, for example explicit attribute locations, a feature that was even earlier exposed with a hack.

So, there is still much to do for Apples driver staff…

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