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(PowerVR SDK) “Cannot mix incompatible Qt library” problem fixed

While playing around with the PowerVR SDK on Linux I ran into a problem with incompatible QT library versions. Note that this problem happens for other software packages as well and might be solvable the same way.

When starting the GUI tools I got the¬†error message: “Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40806) with this library (version 0x40804)“. Installed on my system is QT 4.8.6 and the GUI tools were build against 4.8.4. They even provided the libs for 4.8.4 in a subfolder called “libs” but when those got loaded, QT checks internally for possible Plug-Ins which it tries to load from my systems QT libraries¬†which is incompatible (newer).

To fix this, just remove the provided QT libs and let the GUI tools run completely on 4.8.6 (or whatever 4.8.x version you have installed).


2 thoughts on “(PowerVR SDK) “Cannot mix incompatible Qt library” problem fixed
  • Joe says:

    Hi Robert,

    I was browsing through your site and spotted this. Wasn’t aware of the issue :S

    If you can let us know which utility you were running, we’ll look into it.


    • Robert says:

      IIRC this happened with all tools that used the QT GUI (e.g. PVRTrace). From what I found out it looked like a common QT issue when an application provides QT and a similar version is already installed. I wouldn’t even blame the PVR SDK…

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