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Partially Resident Textures – AMD_sparse_texture

AMD has just released more infos about the new feature of the Radeon 7xxx GPUs: Partially Resident Textures. PRT is a new way of getting some hardware support for MegaTextures / VirtualTexturing as it is for example implemented in Rage right now and as it is planned (with PRT support) e.g. for Doom 4. The […]


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Low-Level GPU Documentation

NOTE: As this document is growing, I moved it to a seperate page. Click here to get to the most recent version. Old content: While programming graphics applications means programming against an API that abstracts us from the actual hardware (OpenGL, Direct3D), it can still be interesting to dig a bit deeper. Having a good […]


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Partially Resident Textures

AMDs latest GPUs have one interesting new feature: Partially resident textures, PRT for short are a new way to handle textures too large for the graphics memory. But let’s start at the beginning: Up till now GPUs didn’t have a memory management unit (MMU), so all the data for rendering had to be present in […]


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