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Using the Oculus Rift on Linux

While there is no official support from Oculus yet, the Rift can be used under Linux: Get the C API from the Oculus forum user ‘nsb’ (posting here), the latest version is 0.0.2 After plugin your Rift in, configure the screen (e.g. clone mode, whatever fits your needs), the Rift is just an external 1280*800 […]


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Windowless OpenGL

OpenGL without a window can be useful for a couple of things: Console based OpenGL capability queries, (remote) rendering of movies, automated testing etc. OpenGL itself does not define how a context gets created, this functionality is provided by various window toolkits which normally don’t support the creation of a OpenGL context without a window. […]


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Remote OpenGL

Sometimes you want to connect to a remote linux machine via ssh and use the remote GPU for OpenGL (rendering). Maybe because of automated testing of rendering in a windowless OpenGL application, maybe because you just want to query the OpenGL capabilities with glewinfo. This might not work as intended: It might not work at […]


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