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Oculus Rift

Viewing 3D stereo photos in an Oculus Rift

Just for fun I tried out viewing 3D photos in an Oculus Rift. For that I took some pictures with a DSLR and a Loreo 3D lens. The first problem here is that the Rift has a very wide field of view (which is great for virtual worlds and immersion) but the 3D lens has […]



Using the Oculus Rift on Linux

While there is no official support from Oculus yet, the Rift can be used under Linux: Get the C API from the Oculus forum user ‘nsb’ (posting here), the latest version is 0.0.2 After plugin your Rift in, configure the screen (e.g. clone mode, whatever fits your needs), the Rift is just an external 1280*800 […]


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Second impression of the Oculus Rift

After a long wait since I first had the chance to test the Oculus Rift, my own device from the original Kickstarter arrived. So here are some notes after a few hours of testing: It’s more comfortable to wear than the initial prototype. Only downside: there is a spot where my nose supports some of […]


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Thoughts about the Field of View (on HMDs)

In most VR applications such as 3D games, the field of view (FoV) is done wrong. It isn’t easy to do it right when sitting in front of a PC monitor but it will get simpler when/if head mounted displays (HMDs) become common for gamers – but maybe, it’s not right to do it right… […]



First impressions of the Oculus Rift

A few days ago at gamescom I had the chance to test the Oculus Rift. If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out the kickstarter project page. The Rift is basically a head mounted display build with a head tracking sensor an a high field of view screen. When you get the device for […]


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