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First impression of the Cyberith Virtualizer (Omnidirectional Treadmill)

I recently had a second chance of testing the Cyberith Virtualizer after a first quick run with it at gamescom in cologne earlier this year. But this time in a more relaxed environment with much more time to try it out and chat. In case you haven’t heard of the Virtualizer yet, it’s an omnidirectional […]


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First Impression of the FullHD Oculus Rift

Today the exhibition floor of the Siggraph in Anaheim opened and in a small, unlabelled box without a booth number Oculus is showing the latest HD prototype of the Oculus Rift. I had the chance to test it out and my first impression was similar as the first time I tested the Rift last year […]


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Adding analog inputs to your graphics app

When prototyping graphics applications it doesn’t take long until you want to control some parameters during runtime. Using the keyboard is often the first candidate as getting keystrokes is very easy for most toolkits used in graphics like GLFW or GLUT. But it doesn’t take long until the number of keys it so large that […]


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Tilt Displays – A true 3D display

When talking about 3D displays, we normally think of flat screens that somehow fake a 3D impression. Another way to present a virtual model would be to actually change the surface of your display to fit the virtual surface of the 3D model. Jason Alexander and his colleagues are just experimenting with that idea and presented […]


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