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Windowless OpenGL on MacOS X

As it turns out, windowless OpenGL applications are not only possible on Linux, but also on MacOS X – and it’s quite simple to set up. But first a little bit of background about OpenGL on Apple: At the lowest layer, OpenGL is handled by CGL (Core OpenGL), based on top of that are AGL […]


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Windowless OpenGL

OpenGL without a window can be useful for a couple of things: Console based OpenGL capability queries, (remote) rendering of movies, automated testing etc. OpenGL itself does not define how a context gets created, this functionality is provided by various window toolkits which normally don’t support the creation of a OpenGL context without a window. […]


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Remote OpenGL

Sometimes you want to connect to a remote linux machine via ssh and use the remote GPU for OpenGL (rendering). Maybe because of automated testing of rendering in a windowless OpenGL application, maybe because you just want to query the OpenGL capabilities with glewinfo. This might not work as intended: It might not work at […]


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