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Poll Results: Learning a new graphics API

A couple of days ago I started an online poll asking about which new graphics APIs people want to learn next and how they believe what resources should support this task. So far 130 answers were collected and I’d like to thank everyone who took some time to give me feedback. The Google Form is […]


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GLSL Syntax Highlighting for QTCreator (and Kate)

The syntax highlighter in QTCreator for GLSL shaders is currently far from ideal: It’s basically stuck at OpenGL 2.1. If you write shaders for OpenGL 3 (and later) or OpenGL ES 3, you will see a lot of red marks indicating errors in your code simply because QTCreator doesn’t know the latest keywords. On the […]


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OpenGL ES 3.0 this summer?

( Update 8/6/12:¬†OpenGL ES 3.0 has arrived¬†) Without a doubt the Khronos Group has some interesting things in the pipeline. OpenGL ES is long overdue for an update and there are many speculations going on about OpenGL ES 3.0 codename ‘Halti’. But till now no-one outside of Khronos has any information with a valid source. […]


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WebGL Statistics

Currently there is only one version on WebGL and just a hand-full extensions. But this does not boil down the question of WebGL support to a simple yes/no question. For some requirements of the GPU, WebGL only defines a lower limit to support (e.g. tiny textures of just 64*64 texels!) but each implementation can support […]


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WebGL Demos

OpenGL in a browser is starting to take of with more and more browsers bringing decent WebGL support per default enabled and more nice apps and demos are getting produced. Nokia shows how maps / virtual earth applications will look like in the near future (zoom in to the labeled cities to see the 3D […]